HMB Promotions Limited is a UK based sports event planning and promotions company that aims to provide the best quality entertainment at the best value for your sport and your events. 

HMB Promotions was established to help promote niche sporting events to a wider public plantform and we specialise in taking the obscure and making it mainstream accessible. Our base and experience comes from our promotion and arranging of Full Contact Medieval Combat events.

We can create winning strategies for any sport and make those dreams beocme realty with relaistic planning and scaling.

We understand clearly that it is our job to have an in depth understanding of our clients’ sports and work. That is why we immerse ourselves into your world and get to apprecite and know the mindset of the targets that you want to reach with your events.


- Event planning and promotion

- PR and Marketing

- Branding and Design

- Hospitality planning

- Ticketing and entertaining opportunities
- Bespoke events management service
- Unique experiences

HMB Promotions can offer an extensive and exciting range of services and event planning in the UK . We specialise in providing high quality entertainment at a competitive price, whether you are planning a specific tailored sports event, want branding and design or PR and marketing push to take your sport/event mainsream.


HMB Promotions designs, manages & executes sports events that help to grow the awareness and mainstream marketability of niche sports. Our mission is to help grow the outlook of niche heritage sports with one of our main prospects being to support Full Contact Medieval Combat amongst others.

Our vision is to become the baseline for niche sports promotion in the UK by driving awareness and offering the best service.


PASSION - We believe that having a passion for our work enables us to achieve extraordinary results.

INNOVATION - Innovation is about challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries to create a more efficient and better quality business.

EDUCATION - Education is key when dealing with niche sports promotion. Educating the wider audience helps drive the acceptance and accelerate growth.

TRANSPARENCY - We keep things crystal clear, from the planning to promotion and buying for your event, we ensure you understand everything without boarders.


HMB Promotions is also a brand partner of the Honour and Arms HMB Club (https://honourandarms.club) helping to drive froward and promote the heritage sport of Full Contact Medieval Combat within the UK with the aim of making the sport more accessible and mainstream.

Full contact medieval combat is a modern take on what is a true heritage sport. Throughout the Middle Ages the knights of old would use competitive tournaments as a way to training a develop their marshal prowess by competing against other nobles and subsequently fighting with the skills earned in combat tournaments on campaign across UK and Europe.